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Sun King Solar Light, Best Option to Generator Set with Lowest Price Ever

Sun King Solar Light is product of Greenlight Planet, a solar energy company that builds and distributes solar lamps under the name ‘Sun king’ using new technology solves electricity problems. It aims to bring bright ‘Sun king’ solar lights to 100 million customers by 2020

We may be living in the age of science and technology, but true progress happens when these advancements merge with natural resources and work together to create a sustainable appliance.

Sun King Solar LightSun King Solar Light

Ultra-bright grid-like power at an affordable price: the highest performing solar lighting and energy hub for off-grid homes and businesses

With three, 200 lumen high-power fixed room lights and a massive 12,000 mAh battery, the Sun King Solar Light tagged Home 120 delivers abundant lighting and appliance charging for the most performance-demanding families and businesses.

Included light switches provide modern convenience and the central power hub features standard 5.5V USB and 12V power outputs to power mobile phones and DC appliances.

Sun King Solar Light

Sun King Solar Light Tech Features & Specification


  • Power LEDs with 600 lumens total flux (200 lumens per lamp)
  • Three light modes controlled by wall-mounted switches: Turbo (200 lumens); Normal (100 lumens); Low (40 lumens)

Battery & Power

  • 5 year lifetime, 12000 mAh Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) battery
  • 12 W detachable, polycrystalline panel with aluminum frame and 5 meter wire
  • Up to 24 hours of run time on a day’s charge
  • 12V power output designed to power 12V DC appliances
  • 5.5V USB power output designed to power any standard USB device
  • Includes USB cable and common phone adapters

In the box

  • 3 ceiling-mounted fixed lamps with attached wall-mounted switches
  • Energy hub
  • Solar panel with 5 meter cord
  • Charging kit with USB cable and phone adapters
  • Warranty card and user manual

Digital control

  • LED charging indicator displays charging effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 5 to help optimize panel placement
  • LED battery indicator displays battery power remaining
  • Active battery management automatically switches to low power when battery is running low, giving user 5 hours of additional light

Size & weight

  • Lamp Dimension: 165 x 85 mm
  • Solar Panel Dimension: 345 x 285 x 17 mm
  • Control Panel Dimension: 220 x 125 x 58 mm
  • Lamp Weight:107g
  • Control Panel Weight: 615g
  • Cable length: 17 meter long cable

Environment & quality certifications 

  • SONCAP and PVoC certified
  • Lighting Global quality certification pending

Materials & Durability

  • Drop-proof, UV-stable, IP65 rated polycarbonate & ABS casing
  • Water and humidity resistant


  • Standard 2 year Sun King warranty

Benefit of the Sun King Solar Light

best alternative to kerosene

good for student while studying

no monthly payment after purchase

5 year lifetime battery (replaceable)

Water and humidity resistant/Drop-proof

200 lumens per lamp, are 30X brighter than kerosene

36 hours of light (single charge)

Price and How To get Sun King Solar Light

Sun King Solar Light

Payment methods

there are two affordable payment to it

  1. An outright one time payment (This is considered to be the easiest and cheapest) with no other hidden charge

    Outright price to pay for:

    Sun King HOME 120 EASYBUY #37,000

    Sun King HOME 60 EASYBUY #33,000

    Sun King BOOM EASYBUY #17,000

    Sun King Pro EASYBUY #14000

  2. You can as well access their installment payment (To be complete in months)

The solar power comes in range, this includes .

Sun King Pro EASYBUY

Down payment (optional) #3000

Daily payment #90

Weekly payments #630

Total #19,380


Down payment (optional) #5000

Daily payment #105

Weekly payments #735

Total #24,110


Down payment (optional) #6000

Daily payment #200

Weekly payments #1400

Total #42,400

Where to get Sun King Solar Light:

Greenlight Planet is among the most trusted brands in the solar space. They partner with organizations who share their vision of impacting the lives of millions of under-privileged people.

As part of their looks for a robust & powerful network of partners, MMJ ‘N’ Network was also choose as a transformation agent to light up the life of people.

For more inquiry Contact:

MMJ ‘N’ Network for your Sun King Solar Light

Phone Number: 08039657739

     : 08136298444

     : 08151683651

Email Address: [email protected]


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