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Savvy Tips to Upgrade Your Android Phone’s OS

Android phone has become an essential tool in the new information and communication technologies. Also, the SEO agency or magento development never tires of giving us tips for using this tool.

It is therefore necessary to be updated to take advantage of new features and OS improvements. Whether you are running iOS, Windows or Android, there are a number of steps to follow. We will try to better understand how to upgrade the operating system of its Android smartphone.

We will explain the process. Of course there are many models of phones, and the tools we are going to talk to you may not be compatible with yours, but the procedure is quite generic.

Check compatibility

Before you start an update of your mobile software, make sure your device is compatible with it. The iOS 7 Apple can not be installed on all iPhone and iPad for example. You can set it up for:

  •  iPhone
  • iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 5G
  • For iphone 4, you will not have all the features (filter photo)
  • iPad
  • iPad 5, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad Mini.

The case of HTC Desire

First of all a little reminder, Android is the operating system of the phone like Linux or Windows for a PC or even Mac OS X for Apple computers.

Often manufacturers make some changes on Android to change the ergonomics, aesthetics and add applications. In this case, the HTC Desire comes with a modified version of android (2.2 froyo), called HTC Sense.

Unfortunately, HTC has not rolled out updates to new Android versions. In addition, a lack of space on the phone for
applications quickly became annoying,

Here’s the procedure, read it completely and get all the tools you need before you start anything, read the instructions and compatible devices before using a program. Before you start, 3 important things:

  1. Make sure you have enough battery, it’s more convenient!
  2. Enable usb debugging in Settings> Applications Development>.
  3. For HTC choose the “disk drive” mode to usb connection.

Remove the security (S-OFF), and have a program to install a new system.

Your phone has security preventing you from modifying the system (and therefore installing a new one), for our Desire we used the Revolutionary program.

You have to find the right program for your device if you do not have HTC. Launch the program on your PC as administrator or root, connect your phone to USB and follow the instructions.

Accept the installation of clockwork recovery; you must be connected to the internet.
Once installed,

Revolutionary will allow you to access a “Recovery” mode and install a new “ROM” but also to back up your current system, or restore it.

Make a backup of your current system

For this you have to reboot your phone in recovery mode, for my HTC you have to turn on the smartphone while holding down the “Volume” key. Look for the method that corresponds to your phone.

Once in “Recovery” mode select Recovery to access the options of the program Revolutionary, you will find “backup / restore” make a backup, it will be stored on your SD card in a folder “clockworkmod / backup” This folder may be different depending on the recovery program used.

If your contacts are not synchronizable via Google you will also have to save them!

Revolutionary program screen

Now let’s move on to serious things, well, if we can say…

  • Reboot normally
  • On Cyanogen, select your device to download the corresponding ROM. Also download the google apps
    corresponding to your version of cyanogen (Cyanogenmod 7 in our case)
  • Put these packages on your SD card.

Change the partitioning of your “Hboot” phone (if needed)

If you follow this step it will be necessary to have put on your SD card the zip package of your new ROM, in your new ROM on the SD card).

Download the data ++ partitioning package (PB99IMG_dataplus.zip) on alpharev. Put this file in the root of your SD card and rename it in “PB99IMG.zip”, boot in recovery, the phone will propose you to install effect once the partitioning changed, your device is formatted, it has more system !

So you need to reinstall a new one (it will be more convenient to already have the packages this package:

Once done, do not reboot and enter Recovery to access Revolutionary and install the new ROM.

Install the new ROM

  • Boot in recovery if you are not already there.
  • Clear the cache and data partitions (wipe data, wipe cache).
  • Select “install zip from sdcard”, choose the cyanogen package, launch the installation, install the google applications package and that’s it!
  • Restart your smartphone, after a few moments on the boot screen you should find a brand new system!

Now you have to synchronize your contacts (adding your google account) and then reinstall your applications, google play is very fast. (You may be required to return your operator’s APN for the 3G connection)

Cyanogenmod brings you some additional features that I will let you discover as well as a lot of settings at the interface via the “CyanogenMod” menu.

This update also gave me a good gain in battery life.

How to install your ROM manually

Handling requires scrupulously following many steps, but it allows you to learn and understand the procedure in detail. Before embarking on the installation, one must make a series of preparations.


To get on your feet, you will have to download two important elements:

  • the ROM corresponding to your device;
  • the Android SDK.


  • Prepare the image of Android:


With the extraction tool of Windows 10 (or with a utility like 7-Zip), we uncompress the archive, then decompress again the image image-shamu-nbd90z.zip housed way Russian dolls in the freshly extracted file. Seven files interest us:

  • boot.img
  • Shamu-bootloader-motor apq8084-71.21.img
  • cache.img
  • Radio Shamu-d4.01-9625-05.42 + sg-9625-02.113.img
  • recovery.img
  • system.img
  • userdata.img


  • Install the SDK:


Second step, install and update the SDK (the development kit). To do this, first extract the downloaded archive to an “Android SDK” folder that you have previously created at the root of C: for example. Then run “SDK Manager.exe” and tick at least:

  • Android SDK Tools
  • Android SDK Platform-tools
  • API 24
  • Google USB Driver



  • Enable USB debug mode:


We are almost ready to get into the thick of things. However, you must set the USB connection of the smartphone to USB Debugging.

To do this, go to Settings> About Phone and tap the Build Number box until the phone informs you that you are now a developer.

Go back one level, and this time goes to the new Options menu for developers. This is where you will find USB Debugging. Once activated, connect your device via USB to the computer.

Small check to see if everything goes as planned: make a “Windows + X key” and go to Device Manager.

At the top of the list should be Android Device> Android Composite ADB Interface, without any exclamation point.

If Windows detects a problem, download Google USB drivers; right click on Android Composite ADB Interface to request a driver update. Look on the computer and point to downloaded USB drivers (after extracting them from the archive).

All that’s left is to copy the seven Android 7.0 image files to the C: \ AndroidSDK \ sdk \ platform-tools folder (the path will depend on where you installed the SDK) and get ready for the after!

And now, it is folded; there is more than restart your terminal! Note that all of these command lines can also be automated by double-clicking the flash-all.bat file contained in the same folder as the image you retrieved.

It will simply copy it with the other seven files of the ROM in the folder “Platform-tools”. But we find that it is good to conduct these steps one by one, we are more sure of the result.



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