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How to Start Running a Blog Solely from Your Smartphone

How to Start Running a Blog Solely from Your Smartphone. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. Once you find your niche and build a following you can begin to monetize things. You could also earn good money by being invited to guest post for a number of other sites.


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To ensure that you can blog anywhere about whatever you encounter during your day take a look at these great tips. All you need is a smartphone and a bright idea…

Pick Your Platform: Is There More On Offer Than WordPress?


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform because of the suite of functionality that it offers you. If you want to take your blogging exploits mobile then you’ll be glad to know that the mobile version is just as good.

How to Start Running a Blog Solely from Your Smartphone

There are a few alternatives such as Blogger that you may want to look at, but if you want the biggest name in the market then stick with WordPress. You shouldn’t have any issues with running everything from your phone. But if you do, there’s always the option to quickly log in with your laptop and set things right.

Edit Your Photos Using Your Phone’s Onboard Software

Start Running a Blog Solely from Your Smartphone

If you can create a readable post fast then you’ll have more time to spend on creating some eye-catching imagery to go with it. Remember that your readers are often initially hooked by your title and hero image, the content itself comes much later.


If you have an iPhone then you’ll already be blessed with all of the photo optimization and filtering software that you’ll ever need. Take the time to crop and colour your images just right so that you can publish something that people will enjoy.


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Many mobile bloggers tend to rush this stage because they forget that their images are going to be viewed on much larger laptop screens. Zoom in, crop carefully, and align everything exactly how you want it. If you rush things, then you’ll only regret it later when you see your blog on the bigger screen.

Use Buffer to Promote Your Posts

No list of easy ways to start a blog would be complete without telling you all about the importance of social media. Just because it’s harder to stand out than ever before because of the volume of users doesn’t mean that you can afford to skip social media.


If you’re busy blogging then the chances are that you’ll have less time to post tweets, so why not invest in some scheduling software? Buffer allows you to download an app into which you can preload all of your posts for the month ahead.

Start Running a Blog Solely from Your Smartphone

You can even experiment with the time of day they’

reposted so that you maximize your engagement. Ideal if you want to spread the word about your new blog with minimal effort! And because you’re doing it from your phone it’ll feel so much more natural and authentic than writing tweets sat at your desk.

Write Your Text: Google Docs Beats Apple Notes

Any online writing service will tell you that the software you choose to write in is extremely important. You’ll spend more time using it than you will spend on the blogging platform so choose how you wish to proceed wisely.

Start Running a Blog Solely from Your Smartphone

Of course, there’s always the option to draft things in your platform’s app, but that might confuse things. It can be a lot easier to keep track of drafts and different topic ideas when they exist in a standalone app.


Google Docs is a nice piece of software to use because it has all of the functionality of a desktop processor like Word, but it’s been tailored to the small screen. Ideal if you want to be able to jot down some new ideas, no matter where the day takes you.

[ctt_author author=”8415″ name=”Kinfovillage” template=”3″ link=”5cfeK” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]Google Docs is a nice piece of software[/ctt_author]



See How You’re Doing With the Google Analytics App


The most important thing left to say is that you need an analytics app if you’re going to be able to run everything from the palm of your hand.


Google Analytics is as good as the the first choice for the apps that are out there. You not only have the peace of mind that comes from getting your data from the world’s foremost search engine. You also have access to a clean and intuitive GUI that will allow you to crunch the numbers and check those key metrics when you’re on the move.

Be a Blog Master by creating Eye-Opening Articles in 60Sec.

This will be crucial if you want to adjust your content over time so that you can home in on precisely what your readers want to see.


Final Thoughts

Blogging from your phone is perfectly possible in 2018, but you need to have the right apps at your disposal. Follow the advice above and you’ll be set up and posting by the end of the day!

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