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Best Cell Phone Monitoring & Tracking Software

TheOneSpy is advanced and high-rated multi-platform software that is particularly intended for parents and employers to track down the use of mobile phones of offspring and workforce. The software is loaded with hundreds of high-tech features and functionalities to monitor and control the Android and iOS supported mobile phone devices. The cell phone tracking software enables parents to safeguard their children from the real and online life threats. The employers can monitor their workers to thwart unnecessary processes, boost productivity and protect confidential company data.

How does the Spy App Work?

The monitoring and tracking software is downloaded and installed on the targeted mobile phone. After installation, the software gets access to the data stored on the monitored device and uploads that data to an online account. The parents and employers can see the data fetched from the tracked device by logging into that online account from their own devices.

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Features of the Spy App

There is a wide range of spy app features letting the end-user to track the targeted mobile phone without getting access to that device. Given are the main features of the cell phone tracking software.

Best Cell Phone Monitoring

Best Cell Phone Monitoring

Monitor Messages

The cell phone monitoring software allows parents to read the messages of their children without accessing their mobile phones. Once their phones are installed with the spy app, the application accesses all the messages received and sent from the phone and uploads to spy app online account. It includes all text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages exchanged via instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Line and Skype. The app lets you read the message content, timestamp and the contact information of the message sender and receiver.

Call Recording

TheOneSpy is among those few apps that allow the end-user to record the phone calls received and made from the targeted phone. The app automatically records all the incoming and outgoing phone calls and uploads the recorded calls on the online account from where the user can download those calls. The call logs show the call time, call duration and contact information of the caller and recipient. Meanwhile, the app allows blocking incoming calls from unknown or unwanted sources.

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Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is amongst the most advanced spying features of the cell phone tracking app. It allows spying on the popular socializing and messaging apps including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, IMO, Vine, Tinder, Kik, Hike, Telegram and many other prevalent media apps. The spy app allows parents to remotely monitor the social media accounts of children by reading their messages and seeing their photos, videos and media files exchanged through the media apps.

Monitor Internet Use

The internet is full of distractions that can lead your children to adult-oriented or sexually explicit websites. The spy app allows tracking the internet use of children and employees with an aim to monitor and restrict access to objectionable and unwanted websites. The cell phone spy app shows the URL of the website and the time and frequency of visiting those websites on the monitored mobile phone.

Track GPS Location

The cell phone monitoring software tracks the GPS location of the targeted phone and shows the exact current location and previous locations of the target. It also enables parents to prevent their kids from entering unsafe zones. The end-user can mark multiple locations to get notified of the entrance and departure of the target from marked locations.

Screen Recording

The screen recording feature of the cell phone spy app lets you have screenshots of the targeted phone. You can remotely monitor whatever appears on the mobile phone screen in real-time or on scheduled time.

Monitor Surroundings

The cell phone spy app allows monitoring the surroundings of the targeted phone. The end-user can see what the target is doing in real-time and what he/she is talking or listening. The tracking software lets you turn on the microphone and camera of the targeted device to listen and see what is going on in the vicinity of the phone. By sending a command from the control panel of the spy app, the user can remotely capture photos, record short videos and audios in real-time or in near future.

Track Emails

Tracking emails of the employees enable employers to protect confidential company data from the breach. The spy app lets you read the emails received and transmitted from the targeted device. It also shows the email addresses of the sending and receiving parties.

Keystroke Logging

The keystroke logging enables the end-user to closely monitor the online accounts of the target by getting access to the key logs of username, password and email addresses. The spy app stores all the strokes applied to the on-screen keyboard of the targeted device.

Spy on Photos and Videos

What if you could see what your kids have stored in their phone gallery? The spy app lets you monitor the photos, videos and media files stored on the targeted phone. It also allows retrieving the photos and videos deleted from the phone.

Pros of the App

  • It offers a few high-tech features such as call recording, social media monitoring and screen and surrounds recording.
  • It is compatible with both Android and iPhone.
  • It works fine will all mobile phone networks.

Cons of the App

  • Some of its features work only on rooted or jailbroken phone.
  • It is not compatible with latest iOS versions.

Compatible Devices

  • Samsung, LG, Haier, HTC, Sony, Motorola and other Android phones running Android version 3+
  • iPhone 3,4 and 5 running jailbreak iOS 7 and 8


The price of the spy app varies with the operating system of the targeted device, package plan and subscription time period. You can see the latest prices of the app here.


The cell phone monitoring software is found to be the most secure and feature-rich spy application. It works with complete secrecy without generating any notification or sound on the target device. It provides a complete spying solution to parents and employers to closely watch out the mobile phone activities of their children and workers.

Author Bio:

Angela is serving as senior editor and analyst at TheOneSpy monitoring app. She has tremendous expertise in kids monitoring, employee monitoring, business management, and business security. The series of published articles on global forums are the testimonies that she is expressive and can naturally convince readers through her creative works. Follow her on twitter @LatestTechBlog


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