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Last Chance To Buy. 24/7 GLAM From Konga

GLAM From Konga

There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who rules the boardroom and also steals the show after hours. So whether she’s at work, or hanging out with the girls, she has her 24/7 Glam on. For every occasion a glamorous woman might have, she should always have the perfect outfit to stay trendy regardless so here are some amazing outfit options to help every woman stay on top of her game.

GLAM From Konga

9-5 Chic: A typical 9-5 woman is in full employment and has to be at work every week day. If this is you, this means most of the time, you are dressed corporately as you might have meetings with clients and other stakeholders as part of your daily activities. Shop trendy fashion pieces that’ll give you the confidence to stay on top of your game all day long.

After Hours: For days when you have to meet up with your girls after work or weekends when you plan hanging out with friends, you also have to look stunning regardless of where you work. Check out stunning and affordable outfits guaranteed to turn the spotlight to you.

Must-Haves: As we all know, some fashion pieces are must-haves for every woman. They make styling your clothes very easy. Items such as black dresses, black skirts, denim jackets etc, should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

Essentials: Last but not the least, there are items that are essential for every woman. Beauty products and accessories such as perfumes, make-up, sunshades, watches, purses etc, should definitely be on that list.

Click here to shop all the items on this list and more needed to turn on your 24/7 Glam, all day; every day!

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