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How To Start Making Money Through KongaPay Plus -5% Off

KongaPay Plus -5% is a way to pay and get paid for things. At first, it was built for Konga.com. People loved using it so much that Konga decided to share the love and make it available even outside the Konga.com platform.

KongaPay Allows payment to Non Konga users like online merchant.

Benefits of KongaPay Plus -5% Discount on All Items Purchase Through The Platform

  • It is Smart
  • Convenience
  • Ease
  • and Security all in one place
  • Transfer funds to family and friends at ZERO transaction fee

Other Benefits of KongaPay Plus -5% are PEER-2-PEER transfers​

  • No Token.
  • No Fees.
  • No Problem.
  • And Use phone numbers to Send and Receive money instantly.

KongaPay Plus -5%RECHARGE AND GET 5% OFF, ON ALL MOBILE NETWORKS. KongaPay been a secured online platform for loading a voucher and TV subscriptions, you get 5% discount on all recharge for all Mobile Networks in Nigeria, using KongaPay

How To Pay For Your TV Subscription

With KongaPay Payment for DsTv, GoTv and the likes are now made easy.
  • Benefit of paying through KongaPay
    • Enjoy 5% Discount
    • No Disconnection during Subscription
    • It support Auto renew of TV Subscription, so no need to worry of expiration.

How to Start Making Money Legitimately Through Kongapay

No dulling, you can make it, if only you wish.
With all the aforementioned benefits of KongaPay, start making TV Subscription for family and friends, and while from there, you start counting your profit without any stress.
Note: You get full subscription money from your subscribers while the discount of 5% will be your profits, and you can as well collect token from customers as charges for the services render

Are You an Online merchant who deals with bank transfer payment From your customers?

Introducing Kongapay for merchants

Accept payments Online and In-store using KongaPay. Embed KongaPay to your website and Mobile App, Get how to setup KongaPay Merchant by visiting the Official site on www.kongapay.com

Enjoy Lasted Deals on Konga and Make Payment with KongaPay

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