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It worth waiting: Free Voucher, Discount up to 80% off, Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017, the biggest sale of the year is here again, get up to 80% discount on all items you buy from Jumia

(Black Friday 2017)

Black Friday 2017

Let me quickly highlight what to enjoy during the Black Friday 2017

  • Firework
  • Free vouchers
  • Unbeatable discount of up to 80% off

How To Win #10,000 & free Vouchers in the Win Referrals Contest

This as always been my best time of buying most things, online

A few years ago, I purchased my present laptop on Black Friday 2015 to be precise at a very rate.

Last year I got myself some Eye watering discounted electronics

Yah#, it’s now part of the year “Black Friday 2017”

This year, I need to get many cheapest phone as well as some fashion items and reseller to earn me more money (profit). At least this opportunity comes ones …..

Breaking News: Laptop Price Falls in Nigeria Market, As Dollar crashed against Naira, See their new prices

Jumia tag this promotional period Jumai Black 2017

while Konga tagged it Yakata 2017

Which out of these two giant leading Online stores HOT most, check it out here now Jumai Black 2017 &  Yakata 2017

Let scan through those possible wish lists of what you will like to get from this stores .

Ladies Fashion Collection

Latest fashion trends do not need you to spend a fortune or go overboard on your budget just to keep up. You can easily look good all day and every day and still be very much in touch with what’s in vogue in the world of fashion

Discover the wide range of the latest fashion clothing and accessories online from the finest brands like Skechers, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and a host of others.

Health & Beauty

Health they say is wealth, and if you look good you ultimately feel good. It’s quite obvious to say that it is extremely important for us to take very good care of our health and personal appearance.

Luckily, all this has been made very easy because what better place to cater for all your health and beauty needs than online here.

Jumai Black 2017 Men Fashion Collection

Enjoy Discount up to 80% off

Discover fashion ideas and how to team up your outfits, get the latest style from top brands.

Mix and match a variety of tops and jeans. Learn to match them in the most creative ways.

Phones & Tablets

Our love for phones and tablets are exceptional as we always tripped for brands. Get large collection of mobile phones and tablets from top brands like Samsung, Tecno, Wiko, Infinix, LG, Lenovo, Blackberry, Innjoo, HP, Apple and more.

To get the best phones and tablets deals online is just a click away from here

Computing gadgets

Still pondering whether to go for a desktop with a large screen, lots of RAM and memory capacity and functionality such as the Apple Laptop or a Laptop for travelling such as the Dell Inspiron?

Have you considered how great it would be to have everything you need on a sleek tablet?

My answer is BIG YES, what I am using in communicating with you was from Jumia Online Mall

Interesting computing brands include:

Electronics, Cameras & Gaming

Games are not for the young at heart alone, but for all ages who want to have a feel of that greatness.

All work and no play make one dull, get full relaxation time-out with a PlayStation 3 and also with the PlayStation 4.

Choose from range of games and consoles such as the XBOX 360 and Xbox One

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