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Breaking: Nokia 8, 6GB RAM Version Hits Phone Markets

Nokia 8, 6GB RAM version was rumour to hit the market in Germany and other European countries.

Currently these online retailers Amazon and Otto now offer the 6GB RAM version of the phone for €669, with the latter also offering to pay in monthly instalments.

Nokia 8, 6GB RAM

The more powerful version of Nokia 8 comes only in Polished Blue colour. On Amazon, there are at least five retailers with over 90% positive rating who offer the phone, where the lowest offer of €669 also has free delivery.

Nokia 8, 6GB RAM Version

With time the Nokia 8, 6gb version will be available in Nigeria, guess what check this out

The full Nokia 8 features and specification can be found here

Otto, on the other hand, can give you the phone for monthly instalments between €18.60 (if bought with 48-month plan) and €230.20 (3-month plan). By European law, the warranty is 24 months, but Otto offers a 1-year extension for €40.



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