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Innjoo Halo X, Full Tech Features and Specification

Innjoo Halo X like other Innjoo mobile phones and tablets are known for their light weight, stylish and sleek designs as well as wide screen display.

Progress as never stop in Innjoo Halo family, their advancement are one more step.  Innjoo Halo X is equipped with the advanced Android 6.0 Marshmallow operation system. As an all-new Android OS, Marshmallow comes with enhanced customization and delivers faster and more stable performance. With more comprehensive application permission, the system provides user with a safer and lower energy consumption experience

Innjoo Halo X

Innjoo Halo X, is equipped with 5.5-inch HD screen. Enjoy exquisite life.

Resolution of 1280*720 HD. Beauty both inside and outside. Higher contrast. Speedy response. Brighter colors. Exquisite pictures. Dynamic video. Countless advantages brought by 5.5-inch screen will show you a fantastic world

3000mAh battery Long time standby with Larger storage.At your pleasure.

Halo X picks up 3000mAh battery and Android 6.0 OS, offering user a reassuring journey. No worry about draining power, just set out at ease with Halo X. 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM internal storage expandable unto 128GB with SD card, Halo X has higher memory capacity than ever before. All beautiful pictures and wonderful videos have their space. Operate and save whatever you want.

screenshot-3238MP rear camera. Confident you in return. Combining with automatic focus, fill-in flash functions, 2MP front camera and 8MP rear camera produce fast and vivid photos, giving you magical confidence, elegance and sunshine. Big smile!

halox_7-1Quad-core CPU.Respond your aspiration.

Equipped with Quad-core 1.3Ghz CPU, it enables you to play intense games with stronger processor. Power saving. Powerful collocation. Responding your requirement constantly, it never let you down!


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