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ZERO 2 LTE, Phone with The Slimmer – Lighter & Tougher

ZERO 2 LTE, Lighter than ever before, 118g weight, purely made of aluminum body, feels lighter in the palm of your hand, feels like walking on the moon.

First thing you will notice is how thin (6.7mm) and light (118g) Zero2 is. For a 145 X 71.5 X 6.7mm full dimensions.
Designing and assembling ZERO2 is the result of thousands sketches, engineering process and material selection. ZERO2 was born.

ZERO 2 LTEOnce it’s in your hand, you know how sophisticated it is. Developed by DUPONT, Kevlar® fiber is ultra flexible, highly resistant and 5 times lighter than steel. Commonly used for innovative industry, Kevlar® is highly valued for its toughness and can endure high temperature (150 to 160 degree). Kevlar® has many applications, ranging from bicycle tires and racing sails to body armor because of its high tensilestrength-to-weight ratio;by this measure it is 5 times stronger than steel. Not only ultra-resistant, it also feels good in your palm.



Corning Gorilla glass 3

Corning Gorilla Glass with native damage resistance Anti-scratch. No space for randomness. Using Corning Gorilla glass 3, scratch damages and screen failure had been reduced by 40% from last generation. 3rd generation of Corning Gorilla is certified NDR (Native Damage Resistant), offering superior screen surface quality for only 0.55 mm thickness.

Super AMOLED 5’’ HD display

Personally this is where I like ZERO 2 LTE, the display is truly superb

165k Colors
A 5.0 inches Samsung Super AMOLED Display featuring HD 720 X 1280 resolution (294 ppi). Bringing brighter definition and sharp color fidelity through a 30000: 1 contrast ratio and 100% NTCS high color saturation. Everything becomes real and live in front of your eyes. Screen response touch time goes under 1 millisecond,thanks to a 0.001mm thickness layer making the screen ultra responsive and energy efficient by reducing 17% energy consumption.

ZERO 2 LTE is blessed by Infinx with 16GB ROM+ 3GB RAM

With a 3GB RAM, ZERO2 provides a large memory space enabling to run several tasks.50% more smart use: browsing, chatting, multi opened Apps and entertaining with heavy 3D games. The DDR3 3GB RAM prevents system slowdowns without affecting internal storage.

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