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New Ways People Used In Making Money On MMM Nigeria

MMM Nigeria witnesses a lot of turbulence moment some months ago, this led to dead of some of their members. Many lost millions of Naira to the hyip called MMM, while many are yet to recovered from the tumor of the effect.

Though It was said that,

“He who desire honey embedded inside the rock should not mind the edge of the axe “

How people now makes money on MMM Nigeria

The normal 30% grow bonus still remains

The registration bonus remains

What is new on MMM Nigeria

MMM Nigeria

To provide help (PH), you need to wait for a week before you can be match. This is to maintain balancing on the program I think.

You get extra two weeks, waiting before you get confirmation from MMM. Making up three weeks, in other to get help (GH).

A new member who register through a referral that has an outstanding GH from 2016 mavros gets extra 10% from whatever money he/she has on the 2016 account. Meaning people can now get their frozen money back but in installment provided they introduces new people and they referee PH.


New member put in (PH)                                     : #20000

Your referral bonus                                                : #2000

2016 movros 10% Payout                                      : #2000 (Provided the referral had 2016 mavros yet to be receive)

For more visit https://nigeria-mmm.net

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