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What to get and how to get the best from Jumia Black Friday

Jumia Black Friday, it is the part of the year again, Jumia his promising to make you proud with the 2016 edition of Black Friday. As you all know the Jumia Black friday will runs from 14th to 25th of November, this mean More days, More deals and More convenience for buying what you need at a better prices

New Deals will be Unlock Every Day

See and Access the full list below

Jumia Black FridayDo you know that more than 100,000 deals will off for massive discount on this year 2016 Jumia Black Friday?

More Flash sale will on available this Black Friday

  • Phones will be cheaper
  • Home will be discounts to about 25%
  • Fashion items for male and females will enjoy up to 50% discount
  • New products will be launch from notable brands
  • Electronics and Computer/laptop will be sold with nothing less than 20% off discounts
  • and many more, see the full list

Logon to Jumia Black Friday website now to get last deal like

  • Samsung HD TV for #51,000
  • Beko HS=D TV for #130,000
  • Panasonic TV for #168,320

HP Laptops for #104,100

Dell Laptop for #123,750

  • Best Prices for phones like Samsung, Apple (Iphone)
  • Tecno Phantom 6 for #90,000
  • Gooweel M3 3G Tablet for #30,400
  • Innjoo Halo X for #34,900

Time don’t wait for any one, fast hand will surely get the best deal. Top product for Jumia Black Friday 2016 are Binatones for Home Appliance, Honeywell Group for Kitchen essentials, Casio for Fashions, canil for Women fashions, massard for phone Enhancement, Sony for Entertaining your self, Infinix, Innjoo, Tecno and many more for Phones and gadget devices, HP, acer, Intel for Computers/laptop to mention but few will be availble for your delidght.

Don’t want to miss this Jumia Black Friday?

Register your email and get a reminder on the D-day, by visiting the Jumia special created page, because their will be flash sales

Jumia Black Friday 2016

What are you still waiting for visit Jumia site now



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