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Full List of all Eligible Phones on Jumia Flex: Pay small small package

The likes of slot and Jumia revolutionalised the Online stores with Phone swap and Buy & Pay later package. Jumia NG called it Jumia flex, where buyers have the opportunity to shop for high-end devices like the iPhone X, Samsung S9+, MacBook Pro Retina and pay in instalments. However, for the purpose of this post, I will be sharing with you those eligible phones on Jumia Flex


Eligible Phones on Jumia Flex


Electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, televisions & more have become more essential to daily life. People are choosing to buy bigger and better products, mostly upgraded products or new product launch. Jumia Nigeria is introducing flexible payment options, you can get your device once you pay the deposit…


Eligible Phones on Jumia Flex

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then the balance is automatically debited from the same payment instrument used to pay your deposit, for 3 or 6 months depending on the plan you choose. This means you can get the best devices without breaking the bank.


Jumia Flex helps you take control of your money. Get it now. Pay over time. No hidden fees ever, it allows you to pay in instalments for a high-end device of your choice. Visit www.jumia.com.ng/jumiaflex


List of eligible phones on Jumia flex


Samsung S9+, iPhone 6S, iPhone X, Samsung S8, Mackbook Pro Retina, Samsung S8+, Mackbook Pro Retina with and touch Bar and lastly the iPhone S7


View all their price and more devices here

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