Automatic Change Over, Benefits and How to Install it

Automatic Change Over, Benefits and How to Install it.

Whats is Automatic Change Over?

Automatic Change Over. Auto-stops generator when there is main power supply (PHCN), Automatically changes over from GEN to PHCN the moment PHCN supply is available, Ultrafast changeover time; Nothing goes off during the changeover process except the generator, Allows users to time their generator for desired hours of operation, Users can willingly stop the generator from the comfort of their room using a soft button, Works for all class of domestic generators (Key start or not), Automatic mode can be disabled; allowing the user to use the device like a normal manual changeover, No user intervention needed for change over to occur in automatic mode.

Automatic Change OverBenefits of Automatic Change Over


  • Designed for both diesel and petrol generators. Also supports a backup petrol generator when used with diesel generators
  • Automatically changes over to PHCN when available and switches off the generator
  • Ultra fast changeover process; your appliances will not notice the change of power and will not go off
  • Allows users to start and stop their generators from the comfort of their room
  • Also acts a surge protector for your appliances
  • Easy to install and can be installed by a team of one electrical and one generator technicians

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