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New Zoto Referral 4.0: Make Money Plus Free Data, Calls & More

New Zoto Referral 4.0 Updates is a best way to recharge, buy data & pay bills anywhere in Nigeria. Its reliable, safe and super fast.

The good thing about Zoto is the referral bonus of up to #20,000. Checkout the procedure  here

New Zoto Referral 4.0 Updates A lot of people has truly makes thousands of naira on Zoto referral. Join the App and start to earn airtime, data for absolutely free. To join click here

What’s New

New Zoto Referral 4.0 Updates

– Recharge any network in less than 10 sec
– Every recharge is 100% secure and certified by CBN
– Get cashback on your recharge
– Recharge for family and friends and earn cashback every time
– App works on low data also

More security on Zoto 4.0

Some Changes now took effect on the Zoto App

Awesome changes to the ZOTO50 coupon.
  1. You can now use ZOTO50 every day of the week, once a day!
  2. Now you can get 50% up to N100 on every eligible transaction
  3. ZOTO50 now works on all services including Airtime, Data and Bill Payment
You know what this means? You can now get up to N700 free every week

Are you just hearing about Zoto for the first time?

Download the App here

It’s time to get friendly and we’ll make it worth your while. The Zoto referrals is back for the 4th time. Same as before, you can make as much as N20,000 by inviting your friends to try Zoto.

The Process for the New Zoto Referral

  1. Every invited friend who joins, gets N500 cashback on first time usage
  2. You get N500 the first time they use Zoto to recharge or pay bills successfully.
  3. Here is my Invitation code SERIKK use it and start to get your #500 while I also get mine as well.

To generate your referral code…

  1. Go to the Account tab on the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Select Invite and Earn, your referral code will be revealed
  3. Start sharing your referral code
  4. Use SERIKK as your referral code and earn #500 now
The current referral program will be ending on Sunday 4th June 2017. Here are the details of the new referral scheme to start Monday morning.
  1. Refer friends and get N200 on your referrals first transaction
  2. Referral bonus is only valid on first card transaction
  3. Maximum referral cashback earned is N10,000
To take advantage of the ongoing N500 referral promo, be sure to refer friends and get them activated before Monday 5th June 2017
If you have been referred and are yet to make your first transaction, be sure to make a recharge before monday to claim your N500 cashback.
Here is my Invitation code SERIKK use it before Monday and start to get your #500 as the bonus will be reduced to #200

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