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How to get pay weekly on Jumia, Best new way to Make Money

An update on Jumia vendor, as Jumia now pay weekly for all their vendor, meaning you make money like never before on Jumia store. While if this post is new to you, this is all how you can start to make more money online from Jumia was concisely discussed here.

I believed you are overwhelmed with the opportunity I highlighted in my previous post Legitimate way to make money without having to spend a penny. But here is another truly Money Making Channel online

The difference between is the twos are that
  1. One requires your income and
  2. Market orientation
  3. With a lot of possible income from No. 1 Africa Online mall Jumia

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While the other requires just your
  1. Input (such as your phone or computer system)
  2. commitment and lastly
  3. make unlimited income daily and cashout monthly

Money Making Channel online

Money Making Channel online

Jumia has been a means of a surviving source for many homes just like any other online malls in the country. What is left is to explore the opportunities that come with it & from it.

With the below Video Clip, you might not finish reading this post before making up your mind and start to think about the next steps to follow.


I myself had taught about it and have decided already.

I said this in my previous post, that we don’t have to be slave to white-collar job. Let taught of alternatives

Money Making Channel online

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We don’t have to be dulling ourselves with white-collar jobs, and which are currently not even available to grab. Why can’t we explore through is short clip

Have you watched the video above?

  • Did you also believe over 200 million customers are waiting for you?
  • If yes, then signup and start to make money right now here
  • The most important resources for a great start on is Jumia

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I believe you need to See this, how over 900,000,000+ items comes cheaper on Jumia

It seems the tempo of this post is getting higher, let come down to a moderate level.

The idea I am selling to you today is a business opportunity and a simple way to start making it big.

  • Are you a seller, but people don’t know what you sell?
  • Still, struggle with a low budget?
  • No problem, start to make cool money online

Join Jumia vendor today

Money Making Channel online

Sell your product on Jumia website where over 200 million plus customer are already waiting for your product to buy.

Let just think low of this: for instance I decided to start selling smoke fish online. Package it by cleaning and polish it, then approach Jumia and start to showcase it on their website.

With right price, I will start to be a big fish seller like Onward fish now Mega Boom Fish

Who said I can’t make it? Wait and See

That is the opportunity I am sharing with you, start now, act and you shall make it.

Jumia Express is a value-added service for the vendors that will boost the visibility of your products and ease the fulfilment of your orders.

Jumia Express

With Jumia Express, you sell more with fewer efforts:
1  You store your products in Jumia warehouse: you save warehousing costs and operational costs. Jumia guarantees you a very competitive storage cost and saves you time and money.
2  Your products are seen first by the customers: every Jumia Express products are tagged and boosted at the top of catalogue pages and product pages.
3  Jumia delivers your products first to the customers: the products will be delivered faster because they have them in the warehouse. It will make your customers happy, and they will come back to shop your items.

Money Making

  • The registration process takes only 5 minutes.
  • After registration, you are required to follow the online training.
  • Your Seller account will be created after which quickly verify your application (it will take a couple of hours).
  • You will receive an email from Jumia Seller Center. Open it and click on the link to verify your account!
  • You can then start listing your products to activate your store!

Note: you need to provide your referral email, just type in [email protected]

Contact me for any assistance at [email protected]

I will also suggest you join this Facebook group MONEY ONLINE NOW LEGITIMATE AND EASY

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