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Simple way to disable WhatsApp unwanted groups notifications

WhatsApp as a leading mobile social messenger with 4.4 rating and over 59million download time records by users on Google play store , With WhatsApp you’ll get fast, simple, secure messaging and calling for free, available on phones all over the world. Now the question is “how to disable WhatsApp unwanted groups notifications”

WhatsApp unwanted groups notifications

Now let get the answer to the above query

disabling WhatsApp unwanted groups notifications

I will be using image to illustrate these procedures for easy understanding.

Sometime you get fed up with useless notification on your phone, getting to check it up always.

Here is a simple way to disable WhatsApp unwanted groups notifications from your phone.

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Step to follow.

Locate the 3 vertical dots on the right corner of the App,

then click on Mute notification for: this is now left to you to choose from the options.

  • Option 1, the notifications we be mute for just few hours, stated as 8 Hours
  • Then the 2nd option is to mute the notification for a period of one week and
  • The last option is for a year

Note: All this can be change based on your desire

How the disabled groups or contact will look like…

This meaning if any of the members of the group you mute post or your friends make a comment, you will not be disturbed by the notification alert.

Good isn’t it? Yah

Lastly you can also disable the upper screen bar notification display

Just in the same procedure as above, uncheck show notification and you start to enjoy less disturbing (WHATS-HAPPING {quoting Jennifa}) funny lah

The images used above was for illustration purpose, don’t be offended if you find out I disabled and tagged our group as a disturbing one

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