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Unbelievable The Longest Phone Charger

The Longest Phone Charger

Some days ago i was surfing through the internet and i came across this wonderful longest charger in the market right now, as you all know that KAY INFO VILLAGE as a website will not keep info to itself without sharing it. Yes I sometime came acrossed a 6ft long charger cable.

The longest charger cord in the world was said to be 23miles long, watch that on Screenshot (70)

Presently i can confirm to you that 16ft that is 5Meter and 3Meter long charger is the market at Screenshot (60) right now

Unbelievable The Longest Phone Charger Screenshot (72)

THE BENEFIT Unbelievable The Longest Phone Charger

3 Meter Flat Anti-Tangle MicroUSB Cable for mobile devices with Micro USB charger/data port Connect to charge your mobile device Extra-long to connect where you need it Durable cable jacket protects wire cores and resists kinks and tangles Flat cable allows you to keep your wires tidy and go under carpets etc. Compatible with Blackberry, Tecno, HTC, Samsung etc  & any microUSB phone.

Download Screenshot (60)App and Updates below

Screenshot (56)


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