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TecnoSpot KOL Recruitment, Do You Have The Talent?

TecnoSpot KOL Recruitment, as the TECNO SPOT Forum is growing day by day Tecno Mobile Spot Forum are looking for more talented and capable active members to join the management team of the forum.

“We need KOL members who love TECNO, have enough online time, love to help solve queries for other T-fans on tecno spot, love to contribute helpful intelligence on tecnospot to earn great honor & respect from other T-fans If you have passion for TECNO SPOT, If you think you are the ones then warmly welcome to join us.”

TecnoSpot KOL Recruitment

1. Propose improvement suggestions to TECNO SPOT’S imperfect and unreasonable function
2. Actively contribute to the community premium content
3. Organize online events to activate the forum
4. Create quality threads to bring traffic to certain sub-forums
5. Answer and help users to solve their problems timely

TecnoSpot KOL Recruitment

REQUIREMENTS for TecnoSpot KOL Recruitment

1.Applicants will be required to comply with Community regulations, subject to arrangements, team spirit
2. Guarantee a certain mobile phone online time: Not less than 3 hours per day online time;
3、Mobile phones and other digital products have a strong interest, often through the website and micro-blog and Other platforms about the dynamics of the latest products;
4、Like to play with all kinds of digital products, happy to experience the latest products, be good at discovering the different features of the product features and to share with member;
5、Have certain writing and expression ability, can discuss the different features and advantages and disadvantages of the product;
6、Often release their digital products with experience in various forums, Facebook,Twitter, have certain groups of fans;
7. Humble, good listener and learner: the traits of a good team player
8. require you to do a lot research on technical issues and possible solutions

Position Available for TecnoSpot KOL Recruitment are

Fashion KOL— provide information of entertainment, sports, fun and interesting, skin care, beauty, health gossip/jokes, adverts, etc
Photography KOL— provide professional photography information,【choose Photography KOL from the Photography Interest group】
Resources KOL— assist TECNO SPOT enrich our own resources, such as ringtones, wallpapers, themes, app
Geeks KOL— Professional mobile phone knowledge, first-class brush experience
Activity KOL— for rich TECNO entertainment and interactive, planning some online activities
Local KOL— timely provision of local news and the latest funny, interesting things etc

Eligible countries and number of slots

Nigeria (2 people)
Kenya (2 people)
Tanzania ( 2 people)
Egypt (2 people)
Ghana (1 people)
Other Country (You can apply)

18: 00, Nov 10, 2016 (GMT +8)

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