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4 Things You Most Know About StarTimes Projector Tv

StarTimes Projector TV is an Overturning Tradition TV. It can project a more than 120 inches HD picture screen on your home wall. It was design using DLP technology and LED light source with high brightness and low power. The picture effect is beyond your imagination. It comes with a 2.4G RF Remote Controller that is designed specifically for the ProjectorTV. Order this StarTimes ProjectorTV Online on Jumia and have it delivered Straight to your doorstep.

Design and Technique of StarTimes Projector Tv

StarTimes Projector Tv

Perfect Design Combination of Circle and Square, Smooth Curve and Rounded Corners, Simple Panel and Power Button, 3-Color Circular LED Lamp, All Metal Aluminum-Alloy Case. With metallic tension and 21 CNC processes of polishing, sand blasting, drawing and anodizing, our metal case is silky smooth and shiny. We are not seeking luxury but quality. Our product is a timeless classic.

Digital Cinema of StarTimes Projector Tv

Under the control of electronic signals, every micro-mirror can turn over 4,000 times every second. With RGB LED light, each micro-mirror is able to precisely control color and saturation of every projected pixel. Images showed on screen are with high saturation, high contrast and gorgeous colors. And it have high-speed refresh rate of 120Hz. It is the brightest LED projector on the market

Built-in Independent Stereo sound 

Two built-in separate sound boxes, not speakers. A sealed audio cavity structure rather than a loud speaker. Passed strict quality inspections before delivery. Consistent audio characters are guaranteed. From OSRAM’s newest LED light with independent RGB prime colors, with DLP helps, the ProjectorTV can project colorful images with over 90% of NTSC color range. Different from UHE and UHP bulbs, LED lights bring high brightness but generate low heat. They are exceptionally long lasting with a life expectancy of more than 20,000 hours. It’s a guarantee that your ProjectorTV doesn’t need lamp replacements.

Smart Power

Specially designed power management system for African condition. Multiple choices of power supply provided including city power, solar batteries and lithium batteries. Automatic identificationof power supplies and the device can switch to its related work modes. Reduce power consumption to its lowest.

Technical Specifications

  • DC IN: 12-19V 4A
  • AV IN: Connect Your DVD Or STB
  • HDMI IN: Connect Your HD Device( DVD Or STB)
  • SAT IN: Connect Satellite Dish
  • RF IN: Connect Territorial Antenna
  • VGA IN: Connect Your PC.
  • USB IN: USB Disk
  • TF: Microsd Card Storage
  • Partial axis: 100%
  • Remote control: 2.4G RF
Key Features
  • CA Card: Smart Card For Pay TV, StarTimes TV content
  • Screen size: >120”
  • Brightness(ANSI): 500lm
  • Power: 30-50W
  • Resolution: WXGA(1280*800)
  • Contrast: 1000:1




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