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Smile the cheapest network to call from home & abroad

Talking about call tariff in the country (Nigeria), someone can conclude that all the networks provider are doing great. This can be simply traced to the competitive nature of the telecommunication companies in the market. Then have you heard of Smile network? The smile is a network provider with cheapest call rate, for when you are at home or abroad (both local and international). One of the best alternative to all other network Roaming packages.

This post is not a sponsored post neither for a referral purpose, but when I search through online recently, I couldn’t find any website that wrote on the aspect I am about to discuss for years back.

What is Roaming

Roaming according to Wiki it refers to the ability for a cellular customer to automatically make and receive voice calls, send and receive data, or access other services, including home data services, when travelling outside the geographical coverage area of the home network, by means of using a visited network.

I believed someone will be cleared by now, that this write up is purposely for international call rate being charged on Nigerians traveller abroad when making calls, browse, send and receive messages and much more.

Let me start my discussion by briefly show you the various unpalatable conditions by other network providers in Nigeria.

Roaming rate by MTN

As at the time of making the post, there is no monthly fee, no connection fee and no deposit required before you can roam. However, the cost of making and receiving voice calls or sending SMS while roaming abroad depends on the country you are visiting.

For example I tried to make call sometimes ago when I travelled and had a stopped over at Ethopia, and the call rate was N1,500 per minute.

Source MTN website

“MTN will tell you, the charges depend on their partner in your visiting country with various networks in many countries to offer your international roaming and the list is ever growing.

MTN raom

Well the call rate can as well be as low as N150 per minute

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Roam on Glo

The Glo roaming condition is that: To set up roaming on your contract line; you need to visit any of Gloworld outlets countrywide and pay the subscription fee of N50,000 Naira 2-3 days before your trip.

As at the time of making this post, I think Glo want to kill their customers for travelling with their sim/line/network.

On doing that, you only need to top up your credit with the desired amount you wish to spend during your trip. Be sure to find out about Glo Prepaid Roaming Coverage in your travel destination.

Glo roaming

Source Glo website
Roaming on Airtel

Airtel calls their package smartRoam, is either you take it or leave it, as it works in just 5 selected countries, as at the time of making this post. meanwhile, this can change as time goes on.

smartRoam is a product that allows Airtel subscribers to receive free incoming calls while roaming on 10 networks in 5 countries after recharging N5,000 and above in a month. The N5,000 and above can either be for a single recharge or cumulative recharge within one calendar month.

The consumer will have access to 300 free incoming minutes; while SmartROAM users in the UAE and Saudi Arabia will enjoy only 100 free incoming minutes.

Airtel smartRoam

S/N Countries Network
1 Saudi Arabia Zain
2 South Africa Cell C
3 United Kingdom Orange
Telefonica O2
4 United State of America AT&T
5 United Arab Emirates DU

Source Airtel website

*NOTE: The free incoming calls will only be valid for 30days after the subscribers recharge hit N5, 000. After 30 days the subscriber will have to recharge again in order to receive free incoming calls.

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9mobile roam

Prepaid customers can make and receive calls and SMS in over 80 countries and count. meanwhile, postpaid roaming customers can browse, make & receive calls in over 300 networks across 160 countries.

9mobile like their Glo counterpart with a killing demand, the condition includes

9mobile roam

  1. confirm the tariff for your destination.
  2. make an N50,000 deposit online (payment guide) or visit at any experience centre nearest to you. view the nearest store.
  3. confirm your line has been activated for roaming.
  4. roaming activation Steps for commonly used devices.
  5. how to switch network at your destination.

Now what does SMILE network offers

Currently, I am not in Nigeria, as at the time of making this post. Smile a network provider in Nigeria has been our saviour from the hand of those unarmed robbers like the Glo, Airtel, MTN and 9mobile for some of us in abroad.

This is a typical example of what we experience and what I personally experience some days ago,

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You know what, I had stop using the MTN, even for recieve call, as I will to be charge N60 per minute for any call I recieve from Nigeria, and the outgoing call rate in the country I am to Nigeria is N150, SMS for N40, I can say that is even the cheapest. And without minumum balance of at least N60 on your line, you will not be reacheable from your calls 🙄

Anyone calling my MTN will also be charge at N150 per minute


When I got the SmileVoice network here are some of the benefits I have been flenjor with

  • It works in all countries of the world
  • On smile network, you receive all calls for free (No hidden charges)
  • You make calls for 1okobo per sec (To all networks in Nigeria)

  • It is a Nigeria network like others telecommunication companies (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9mobile)
  • Free calls to another smile network every month
  • You can recharge from your bank easily & directly
  • You can recharge through their website and
  • Also through the help of their staffs without any charges (Free)

My last recharge of N1000 gave me 180-minutes call duration


  • Comes with lot of Freebiz
  • You can add up more top up

  • Best internet services
  • You can receive free SMS on your roam line

Do you still want to be enslaved by this roaming package? when you can make a call at N6 per minute to all network from home and abroad

Are you a traveller or your friends, lovers and parent then stop to wasting your money on those monsters network and embrace smile network before your next trip

Guess what, you can as well get the smile number activate even without you being in Nigeria, your number can send to you through whatsApp, mail or SMS and start to enjoy stressless call rate. Smile the best network to call from home and abroad

Note: the roaming rate might varies by those networks

This post is from my personal experience and other sources on the write up are provided with necessary links.

The source for this post is from the website of the variously listed network provider above and my personal experience. All these are subjected to by network providers change as time goes on

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