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See How MMM Spoiled Market in Nigeria (Fear grip People)

MMM spoiled Market, as the Christmas and New Year celebration is getting closer, over 3 millions Nigeria invested their income to MMM Nigeria but with greatest disappointment and surprised to many, MMM frozen all those accounts within few weeks to the festive period, with the word used by the founder Sergey Marvodi that “The Frozen of the account was for precaution measure”

As there is no money to withdraw

MMM spoiled Market

Good News To All MMM Members, See What Sergey Mavrodi Have For All Freeze Account

MMM spoiled Market

MMM spoiled Market

This is a bad period for all other Online Money Making Machine operating like MMM, as it became hard for people to trust and invest on all other platforms such as MMMJAPAN, Newly introduced MMM Ghana, MMM United, Zarfund and the like.

Thus, the Federal Government has warned against MMM before the initial frozen of all Nigeria members account, Message From Banks About MMM, Fire On The Mountain

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