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Reviewed New MTN Data Plan. Up to 50gb of data for 90days.

MTN Data Plan, here is comprehensive lists of the new Data bundles from the leading Telecommunication Network provider in the country. This is a full overhauling of the old data plan of 250mb for #1000 to more better and to me the more reasonable plan.

MTN Data PlanBelow table concisely analysed various daily, weekly and monthly data plan for your delight

MTN Data Plan

Bundle PlanPrice (N)Validity PeriodActivation

(SMS to 131)



750MB5007 Days103*131*103#
1.5GB100030 Days106*131*106#
3.5GB200030 Days110*131*110#
10GB5,00030 Days116*131*116#
22GB10,00030 Days117*131*117#
50GB20,00090 Days118*131*118#
85GB50,00090 Days133*131*133#


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  1. You can mail me for more @ [email protected]

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  3. Yes ooooo. I even have issues with one of their agents about their new 150mb for #300. But waiting man go do

  4. The MTN subcribtion is too cost!!! Majority of nigeria a poors people, they can not able to buy data bundle.
    We need MTN to reduce the price to make poor happy

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