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Removal of Safety Lockers from Banks

Removal of Safety Lockers from Banks, Most banks in the country are now removing their safety lockers. This according to me should be for security reasons.

Firstly what is safety locker

Safety locker is storage facility for banks, school, business, factory, hospital or any other premises for keeping your valuable items.

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Removal of Safety Lockers from Banks

Removal of Safety Lockers from Banks

Many banks have started removing their safety lockers, for reason best known to them. Kinfovillage is sharing this vital info to you not to catch you unaware. I believe many people go to their various banks with laptops, working tools and other items. this may not be allowed any longer i banks

Forbidden Items includes

Removal of Safety Lockers from Banks

Notice for all FCMB customers

Are you visiting any of our branches soon?

Effective Monday May 2, 2016, we will be removing the security lockers at our branch entrances.

This will enhance our safety measures and protect you – our customers better.

While coming to our branches, please note the following;

  • Your bags will be scanned. Please check that your bag doesn’t have any of items below as they are prohibited from the branch premises
  • While inside the dead-man door, please raise sensitive items such as keys, phones, etc towards the sensor
  • Save time by leaving the items detailed below at home or at your office
  • Your mobile phone is not a prohibited item hence can be carried into the banking hall

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