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Safe Way to Protect Yourself When Playing Online

There are few experiences as entertaining as playing video games. And it all gets even better when you get to play these games online with your friends and a lot of other people who enjoy the same things you do. However, every online activity, as innocent and simple as it may seem, is exposed to several risks if proper precautions aren’t taken. Every time you go online without protection, you’re exposing your privacy to an extent that seems surreal, and online gaming is no exception. You need to Protect Yourself When Playing Online

Protect Yourself When Playing Online

In the recent years, it has become of public knowledge that most online traffic is constantly monitored by government surveillance agencies around the world. What’s more, depending on the country, you may find that your ISP sells their users’ navigation data to advertising companies that will use your private information to sell you ads. As if it wasn’t enough, online gaming platforms and marketplaces are also constantly tracking your behavior to profile you and tailor ads using your profile’s private information and your preferences.

How To Protect Yourself When Playing Online Games

If this makes you feel like everyone is taking advantage of aspects of your life that are supposed to be private, you’re not alone. Still, you’re still far from being unable to do something about it. There are plenty of digital tools designed to help you protect your privacy when you’re online and today we’ll talk about our favorite one: Virtual Private Networks.

What are VPNs?

You may have already heard about them, but you should still read this if you’re unsure about what it is exactly they do that’s so effective at protecting your privacy. The first thing you have to know is that, as its name suggests it, VPNs are networks of servers that have been connected using the internet. These servers are used as a tunnel for regular internet connections. This means that when you use a VPN, your online traffic goes through one of these servers before reaching its destination, be it a website, a gaming server or anything else.

During the time you spend connected to the VPN, all communications between your device and the VPN server are encrypted, meaning no one will be able to access your private data even if they somehow manage to intercept your traffic. And since it’s the VPN server that’s making all the requests for you, then all your ISP will see if they try to monitor the sites you’re visiting is a connection to the VPN server. The same thing applies backwards when servers from websites or gaming platforms try to check who’s accessing their content, all they’ll see is the request made by the VPN server and not your device’s info.

How VPNs Protect Gamers

If you’re a gamer who’s concerned about your privacy, then you’ll find VPNs cover pretty much every aspect you could think about when it comes to protection:

Protect Yourself When Playing Online

How to Protect Yourself When Playing Online Games

Tracking Protection: Since all interactions with the gaming marketplaces and platforms are made by the VPN server and not your actual device, then all info collected by tracking software will be associated to a different IP address and location. And you’ll most likely use a different server every time you connect, it will be a fresh start without invasive, tailored ads.


Surveillance Prevention: Encrypting all your traffic and hiding the websites you visit from your ISP lets you rest knowing that surveillance agencies or any other eavesdroppers won’t be able to spy on you.

Protect Yourself When Playing Online

Anonymity: Sometimes it’s important to hide your identity while playing. Online multiplayer communities can be dangerous places depending on the kind of people who play on them and VPNs are the perfect tool to put a mask on your identity when playing online.


Other Benefits

Apart from protecting your privacy, using a VPN to play online video games can help you achieve many things. Most VPN services let you connect to servers in their network that are located in remote countries. If you play a game that divides its user base into regions, this will let you change your current region by choosing a VPN server in another location.

Some gaming marketplaces also limit the content they offer depending on the place you’re at when you’re accessing the service. Using the same logic as before, picking the right country to connect to can unblock a lot of hidden content to you and improve your experience in a significant manner.


Another thing you should keep in mind is that all the security and privacy protection features offered by VPNs apply to all your connections when they’re running. If you really are concerned about your privacy then you should consider hiring a service you can always keep running. Finally, not all VPN services are the same, so we recommend using either ExpressVPN, IPVanish or PureVPN, which we think are among the best options for online gaming. You may check vpnalert.com for more informations.

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