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New MTN XtraPro Call at 11kobo/sec to all Networks

XtraPro Call at 11kobo/sec to all Networks

MTN XtraPro is a prepaid tariff plan that allows Customer to enjoy FLAT rate of 11kobo/sec for calls to ALL Networks in Nigeria after a daily access fee of NGN5.

Customer on this plan will also enjoy 7 days Free subscription to Health and Fitness service. for details visit MTN


How To Migrate

MTN XtraPro, Customer will text 401 to 131 or dial *401#.

Current customers on Smooth Talk will be required to migrate to XtraPro plan to enjoy the rate and offer as they will not be auto-migrated to the plan.

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MTN Bundle4U is divided into two; XtraVoice and XtraData as I stated earlier on my last post. You can read more on XtraVoice here and how to get up to #24,500.

Still enjoy data yafunyafun

What do I get when I buy an MTN Bundle4U?

Purchase command to 131
D300*300*15# D500*300*16# D1000*300*17# D2000*300*18# D5000*300*19#
Product Name XtraData 300 XtraData 500 XtraData 1000 XtraData 2000 XtraData 5000
Bundle Cost N300 N500 N1000 N2000 N5000
Airtime to be credited in voice dedicated account N372.00 N624.00 N1,275 N2,560 N6,500
Data volume to be credited in data 150mb 300mb 750mb 2000mb 5000mb
dedicated account
Selected International Destinations
  • USA,
  • UK Fixed,
  • Italy
  • France,
  • Hong kong
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Australia Fixed
  • Canada
  • China
Validity 7 days 7 days 14 days 30 days 30 days


What is XtraData?

  • XtraData is a Bundle4U that gives you more data than airtime.

Who can subscribe to MTN Bundle4u?

  • All MTN Prepaid and e-post-paid customers EXCEPT those on MTN BetaTalk tariff plan will be able to buy the Bundle4U.

How will Beta Talk customers enjoy MTN Bundle4U?

  • Customers on BetaTalk tariff plan will have to migrate to other eligible plans to buy the Bundle 4u.

I am on BetaTalk, how can I buy any of the Bundle4U?


  • To purchase any of the Bundle4U, simply migrate to any of the other Prepaid tariff plans.

How many types of MTN Bundle4U are available?

  • There are ten (10) types of MTN Bundle4U, 5 (five) XtraVoice and 5 (five) XtraData.


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