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Jumia Career, Ways to Make Living, 100% Indigenous & Internet

Jumia Career has been a sustainable means of living for the wise once, who never hesitate to jump into any legitimate opportunity that comes up. Jumia has made it possible in connecting Africans, with each other, bringing customers goods and service to all.

The Jumia Career

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I will be sharing with you opportunities that people have enjoying through Jumia. Meanwhile, you too can be a part of this, and add to a success story.

A little overview of what Jumia has achieved within 3 to 5 years in the business

  • E-commerce operations in 14 countries
  • 1.2 Billion consumers and 15 million SMEs to serve across Africa
  • 82% coverage of African internet users
  • Over 550 million visits per year across Africa
  • 1 transaction or lead every 2 seconds
  • 50 thousand active merchants in the ecosystem
  • Over 5 millions of products, hotels, restaurants, and other services listed
[ctt_author author=”8427″ name=”Kinfovillage” template=”1″ link=”WV5y1″ via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]Over 550 million visits per year across Africa[/ctt_author]

I believed the short video above, will enable and ginger you to realizes what you have been missing, from the power of E-commerce. Here are ways to join Jumia Career today for free and start to laugh to the bank every ending of the months.

tip-1 #Link

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If you are a blogger, website owner check out

tip 4 #Link

On general overview on how to make money online here are 101 tips here.


What Jumia have been able to do includes


1. Granting customers access to new services

With Jumia, the internet transforms people’s lives. People across Africa connect onto our platforms and gain access to services and products they need.

2. Supporting the growth of African companies

More than 500,000 local African companies do business on Jumia every day. We are taking the African economies online and enabling African companies to find new customers.

3. Creating a sustainable impact in Africa

Now Jumia open up new opportunities and horizons to African talents. We are creating new jobs and developing new skills on the continent.


[ctt_author author=”8427″ name=”Kinfovillage” template=”1″ link=”1Eb9j” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]We open up new opportunities and horizons to African talents[/ctt_author]


The journey so far

At the heart of our success is a group of individuals who are passionate about Africa and the digital landscape. You have what it takes and want to be part of this adventure?

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