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Incredible Magic Hose Expandable 50ft long. Image & Price

Magic Hose Expandable 50ft long

This expandable hose automatically extends up to 3 times its default  length when the water is turned on and automatically contracts back to its default length when the water is turned off again. This is ideal for storage as it folds down so small it can even fit into the palms of your hands, unlike the bulky standard hoses this is not going to take up much storage space at all. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre – watering your garden is no longer a chore.
– Amazing garden hose will stretch up to 3 times its length  – Super lightweight  – Compact, taking up minimal storage space  – Non-kinking and easy to use  – Universal Hose Connector  – Ideal for Gardens, Patios and Cars


Magic Hose Expandable 50ft longMagic Hose Expandable 50ft long

Highlights of it Specification

  • Expandable Magic Hose
  • Durable Construction
  • Simply turn the on/off valve to operate
  • Don’t turn on the valve before the hose is fully inflated • Material Imitate latex and Dacron outer pipe.
  • Fully retracts to original length when water is turned off.
  • Hose Thickness 2mm.
  • Max Pressure : 12g
  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Nozzle
    • 1 x expandable hose pipe

Price in Nigeria range from #2000 from some popular Online stores

  • Expands up to 3 times of its original length when water is turn on and Retracts back to original size when turned off
  • include Gun Head with 7 adjustable pattern head,including shower,flat,center,cone,full,mist,jet.

Where to buy Magic Hose Expandable 50ft and Pay on Delivery are

Jumia.com View the Offer here

Konga.com View the Offer here

DealDey.com View It Price Offer here

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