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Important Update: How To Act Now & Make The Best of Us


To all our readers and lover of Kinfovillage, we appreciates you so much, has we believed that without your love, we can’t be were we are presently

We are growing day by days, not by our strength but by God Almighty.

Kinfovillage encountered some challenges few weeks ago running to unstable service provided from our own end to you. Thanks God all these had been resolved.

Insight of this many of our reader complains of unable to receive our newsletter which they subscribed for freely.

We felt your complain/concerns and here are way out, while we expect you to act now!!!

act now

We have reinstalled and put in place all the necessary plugin and we are back and working fine

You can now subscribe freely to our latest post and discussion

What to enjoy:

   And many more.

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Kinfovillage Team

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