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How To Get The Best From Glo Bumpa, As Glo Reduced It Data Volume

Glo Bumpa, is a very good alternative when it comes to getting full value for you money on Glo. Glo BUMPA offers 200% bonus on every recharge from N100 and above. This is the most cost effective tariff plan in the market and giving 3 times the value of whatever is recharged e.g. You recharge N100 and get N300.  This 200% bonus is on every recharge forever. Read More

glo bumpa

The logic behind getting more value for you money is that, if you are on Glo bumpa, you will get X3 of your recharge. By using your main account to subscribe or buy data, the other bonuses can be use to Call, Text and Browse as well.

How To Opt in for Glo Bumpa

migrate to Glo Bumpa, dial *100*10*1#

Below are the Glo both Old & New data Plan with Price respectively

Old Glo data Plans

N500 = 1.6GB 7days

N1000 = 3.2GB 30days

N2000 = 7.5GB 30 days

N2500 = 10GB 30days

N3000 = 12GB 30days

New Glo Data Plans

N500 = 800MB

N1000 = 1.6GB

N2000 = 3.7GB

N2500 = 5GB

N3000 = 6GB

The New Glo data is just the half value of the Old data plan.


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