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How to Block an Unwanted Messages

How to Block an Unwanted Messages

True caller has been a tools for identifying unknown callers and blocks unwanted calls.

How to Block an Unwanted Messages

The App, I will be introducing to you is a sister App to truecaller, and for more about truecaller click HERE

The sister  App to treucaller as i said earlier is called Truemessenger


Truemessenger keeps spam messages out of your SMS inbox and easily identifies unknown senders. Set your own rules to block spam or let the Truecaller community come to your defense.

How to Block an Unwanted MessagesIdentify every SMS sender, even numbers not stored as a contact. Spam messages are instantly detected and removed from your inbox, leaving you plenty of time to up your emoji game.

How to Block an Unwanted Messages, Blocking options

Create a spam filter, or blocking option, manually by suggesting a phone number, a series of numbers, or a name. If you change your mind, custom spam filters are easy to edit or delete at any time.

How to Block an Unwanted Messages


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