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Facebook Users in Nigerian Now to Enjoy Facebook BOT. What is BOT?

What is BOT? That was the question I asked myself I when I first found this piece of interesting innovation.

Is that your question as well? Don’t worry I will explain it in details

What is BOT?

What is bot

This is an innovation by Facebook and it is powered as well as hosted by Facebook Messenger.

Bot” is a generalized term used to describe any software that automates a task.

Many companies and Individual are now partnering with facebook for BOT

Officially Facebook launched BOT in Nigeria and will offer Nigeria’s 18 Million Facebook users the ability to get their own personal shopping experience through Jumia shopping assistant directly on Facebook Messenger.

Then how do Jumia BOT works?

Using Jumia Bot, shoppers can now order food, find fashion or electronic items and book hotels and flights by simply having an online conversation with the bot.

Checkout Jumia BOT here

The Jumia Bot works by asking customers what they’re looking for, and then using their answers to uncover the best offers. For example, to get access to the best hotel and airfare deals on Facebook Messenger, a user can simply provide his or her prefered date and destination to the bot in order to see the top recommendations.

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Once a user’s criteria are selected, Jumia Bot will remember and use the research for his or her next order. The bot, developed by Jumia with support from Facebook,  uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural learning process to hone in and learn users’ preferences over time in order to make recommendations that are personalized, timeline and useful to the shopper. The shopper’s post-order experience is also integrated into Jumia Bot. As a result, shoppers can track their orders and contact the Customer Service team for follow-up questions

Are you an entrepreneur who plans to partner with Facebook Messenger BOT in enhancing your brand?

Follow this four simple steps

How do I launch my bot?

To launch your Messenger Platform bot please follow these steps:

  1. Review the Pre-launch checklist
  2. Test your bot
  3. Submit your App for Review
  4. Make your App Public, Publish Page

For details on step to step, procedure click here

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