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Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria to Launch Wi-Fi

Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria, It was an historical and unforgettable days to Africans, and most especially some visited countries by the Facebook founder.

Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg in NigeriaFacebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria, with the President Buhari and Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo   

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The purpose of his visit to Sub-Sahara region

The social networking giant, Facebook partnered with one of Nigeria’s Local Internet Service Provider, CoolLink to launch a program called Express Wi-Fi around the city of Lagos and possible later get to the other parts of the country. The service was first implemented in India and Nigeria is the second country to get the WiFi hotspots.

Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria

Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg in NigeriaPart of Zuckerberg aim in the country is also for a workshop that the firm is holding on Wednesday, August 31 in Lagos state. The current fifth wealthiest man in the world came into Nigeria discreetly on Tuesday afternoon after spending Monday in Rome, Italy, where he also met Pope Francis – Zuckerberg has also said that the firm will not become a media company despite the social media platform being a top tool with media and publishing agencies. The world’s fifth wealthiest man discreetly came into Nigeria to see how Facebook works in Nigeria and to understand how to improve on the social media platform for Nigerians. He is also checking out how it can improve on technologies in Africa. His first port of call was the CC Hub in Yaba area of Lagos state.







Zuckerberg is in Nigeria for the “Facebook for Developers Workshop” for Nigerian engineers, product managers and partners in Lagos.

The unpleasant news from Facebook group on the Zuckerberg visit was that, Facebook Internet Satellite Destroyed in the SpaceX Explosion.

In its official statement about the mishap, SpaceX said

“At approximately 9:07am ET (1307 GMT), during a standard pre-launch static fire test for the Amos-6 mission, there was an anomaly at SpaceX’s Cape Canaveral Space Launch Complex 40 resulting in loss of the vehicle,”

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