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5 Reasons Why You should use Zoto & Get #5000 Daily Free

Why You should use Zoto & Get #5000 Daily Freely, It is even understatement to limited your earning power with Zoto Cash rewards to #5000 when presently I am making up to #15,000 from Zoto cash reward for just buying recharge cards from them apart from their flash time promotion of up to 500% cash back when you recharge. Don’t worry I will get you through, but before then Get all A-Z on Zoto #50,000 promo here

Why You should use Zoto & Get #5000 Daily Free

I believe you should earn more than what i am making right now, I know the question on your mind will be how and when you site Kinfovillage.com is there for you? You are right but don’t limited you ability, try to make use of social media

Why You should use Zoto & Get #5000 Daily Free

More than 10,000 people are using Zoto everyday And they’re loving it! Why are you still waiting and what are still waiting for?

Easiest way to get free #1000 on every Zoto referral you made. see more here

5 Reasons Why You should use Zoto & Get #5000 Daily Free

If you don’t want to have problems in getting your N1000 referral reward, there are some guideline which you need to abide with.

Are you an existing Zoto user but unable to get your referral bonus of #1000 all this days?

If you have a problem in getting your referral reward or you just want to download the app and sign up for Zoto mobile recharge, kindly go through the information below and make sure you abide by the rules and regulation in order not to have a problem with your Referral reward.

For the new user download the Zoto App from this #link and use this referral code BIOLAA22 you earn #1000 while I also earn. That is how zoto work, if you register without using a referral

  • You will not get #1000 bonus
  • You will not be able to referral new users
  • And for existing user this is were most problem starts
    • You will need to use a working referral code before you can start earning yourself and that is why I am giving out my code BIOLAA22 because it has been validated

While for new registering users, use my referral code BIOLAA22
Register and fill in your complete details, Then tick I have Referral and input this code BIOLAA22


  • Why You should use Zoto & Get #5000 Daily Free
    Recharge any
    Recharging for MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel. We take care of all networks in one click.
  • Why You should use Zoto & Get #5000 Daily Free
    Do it for family & friendsRecharge easily for your family and friends through your phone’s contact book.
  • Why You should use Zoto & Get #5000 Daily Free
    Amazing cashbacks every time

    With Zoto, you get added bonuses every time you make a recharge, on any network!


  • Once you have typed in the code and completed your registration, you would be given free N1000  and I also will get free N1000.
    • Note you will only get your bonus if only you make a first recharge minimum of just N100 through the app then your referral bonuses will be credit in to your account.
      • After that you can start sharing your referral name to get as much as N50,000 airtime when you refer friends
    • First out of the 5 Reasons Why You should use Zoto & Get #5000 Daily Free
      • To stop buying card on the road side
      • To get massive discount on your next recharge
      • To start sharing loads of your referral bonus cards to your love ones
      • To start earning from Zoto buy selling from your bonus credits
      • and lastly to start sharing your referral code to get more #1000
        • Things to know
          • Presently Zoto works perfectly on GTBank, Access Bank, Firstbank, Diamond banks, while for other banks try your luck. And I will advise you use our comment box below to let us know if your bank works with Zoto Cash

Referral Program: Brief Terms & Conditions

  • Applicable only on first successful recharge
  • Applicable only when payment is done through ATM/Debit/Credit card.
  • A card can be used only once to claim referral. You will not get referral reward if card used to make first payment has been used already to claim referral by someone else.
  • Referral reward will be added to ZotoCash within 24hrs of making successful recharge.
  • Referral is valid on minimum card transaction value of N50 but #100 will be very okay.
  • Referral is not valid on ZotoCash, Netbanking & Virtual Card Transactions.
  • The device on which the Referee downloads the Zoto App, must not have installed the Zoto App earlier.
  • The Email ID and/or Phone number through which the Referee signs-up with Zoto App, must not have been used for signing up with the Zoto App earlier.
  • The mobile number provided by the Referee for receiving the OTP must not have been used for receiving an OTP for this program earlier.
  • The device on which the Referee downloads the Zoto App should not be rooted or Jail-broken.
    Neither the Referrer nor the Referee should install the Zoto App using App Runtime for Chrome, Emulators or Simulators.