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4 Reasons Why MMM Might Not Pay their members on 14th

MMM might not pay their members account to some logical thinkers. Philosophically we will be analyzing reasons why MMM may not be able to pay their members as the day to unfrozen account comes closer.

As MMM stand to be a middle man between the member who provide help PH and member who get help GH, this clearly shows that MMM Money is not in the scheme, but only their idea of creating the platform.



MMM Will Not Pay their members

  • MMM Will Not Pay their members on 14th because the date was to unfrozen and not to pay the frozen account
  • Not all the participants who are to provide help before the frozen of accounts of MMM members will not be back to the Ponzi again possibly, which translated that not all expectant member will be match to get help
  • The possibility that MMM will get required new members to pay off their old members whose account was frozen, is as well slim
  • And that was the reason, why MMM is urging their old members to invite more people in to the scheme. Which mean You as Peter will have to settles Paul’s Money. (This mean at the end, someone have to provide help without getting anything in return, Then when will that be and who will be the victim?)

MMM Will Not Pay their members

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