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See What Yes mobile, has for you. Branded New Phones

Yes mobile, Yes! you don’t have to break bank, before you can start using you desired phones/gadgets or sell your kidney to get your needs.

Yes Mobile in partner with Page Financial Institutions got you covered

Yes mobile,

I came across this, when I was surfing through the internet for the enjoyment of my lovely readers.

Page a financial institution in conjunction with Yes Mobile gives a easy way to get your needs in a perfect way.Yes mobile, Buy The Latest Phones & Pay Installment on Slot stores

Yes mobile, Feature

  • No initial deposits required
  • Loan amount of between N25,000 and N200,000
  • Loan tenure of between one and six months
  • Quick turnaround time.


Visit YesMobile Link at www.yesmobile.ng/spread-payment/

  • Enjoy zero deposits
  • zero fees and
  • Affordable rate

Yes, you can see there is no need of selling kidney before buying Iphone 7S & Tecno phantom 6 plus. Just visit www.yesmobile.ng/spread-payment/. And you are good to go

Yes mobile,Other Benefits

  • Sell you used phone and get another one of your desire instantly
  • The site is one of the best place for accessories
  • You also enjoy free delivery

About Page

As one of the leading Retail Financial institutions located in the business Hub of Africa, Page creates a dynamic avenue to deliver unique and customer focused services through their savings, deposit and loan products accessible at their various Virtual Banking Channels.

With the exceptional use of technology, Page as a financiaal institutions have built a platform that offers convenient banking which is powered by the Page Card (In partnership with Mastercard) whilst their multiple access points provides secure, round the clock connection to every Transumer (Retail Consumers in transition).

To Know More on Page visit their website on www.pagemfbank.com

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