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Invest No Money & Earn UpTo #7k to 15K and More Through Jumia JForce Per Day

JFORCE – Become a Jumia Sales Consultant

Owning your own business is the path to fulfilling your dreams as being financially independent and becoming an established entrepreneur. Jumia offers you a platform of a lifetime where you do not have to work for any boss and earn unlimited income!


Watch the Success stories of Leading J-Force Member

Join the Jumia JForce team today and kiss joblessness goodbye forever. Get on the J-Force train today and earn money through commissions by selling items supplied by Jumia. You can also make money as you recruit new sales consultants.

Watch and be motivate. JForce works, because I am a member

This is an opportunity to be your own boss and take orders from no one else but yourself as you have complete control over your activities. Develop great entrepreneurship skills on the J-Force journey and interact with like bright minds at our social events and gatherings. Move up progressively within our ranks and gain higher commissions as a Jumia sales Consultant. Being a JForce agent is very easy as you can sign up here immediately to start earning now.

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