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Ways of Sharing Data on Etisalat To Family & Friends Easyblaze

Sharing Data on Etisalat. Sharing of data have been made easy on Etisalat Easyblaze. You can now give data to loved ones with easyblaze family plan, transfer part of your data bundle with the data balance transfer feature, use your airtime to buy a data plan for someone else with data gifting, just one data plan covers up to four devices with our multi-device plan.

Sharing Data on Etisalat

With Etisalat Easyblaze you can transfer data to family and friends so far you have at least 100mb data balance, just choose who you want to add to the plan and how much data to give them. family members will have access to the same data amount with each auto-renewal

Sharing Data on Etisalat

You can send between 10MB and 50MB in each transaction, up to five times a day. it works in exactly the same way as an airtime transfer.

easyblaze family plan
to subscribe for family plan, dial *917# or dial *200# then

    • choose option 3 for data
    • select option 5
    • buy a data bundle
    • share your data

data transfer
to transfer data, dial:

    • *229*pin*volume of mb*recipient’s number# i.e. *229*0000*40*08091234567#

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