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How I used Zoto referral bonus to get free MTN Data&Credit

Zoto Referral bonus has been my source of finance in settling mine data subscription bills for years now, check it out. They are numerous post that I published about Zoto and Sliide Airtime, the both I can say they are reliable source for free Airtime and data on all network of your choice.

Zoto Referral

Zoto Referral a simple step to earn big freely

I called it the power of using social media, as you can earn more than what you might imagine of through Zoto referral.

3 steps to take, on how to earn from Zoto

  1. Use someone referral code to start earning
  2. then referred to earn
  3. Use your referral code to earn up to #20,000 free Airtime in no time

Share you codes on social media

Note: You can make use of this reliable referral code: IDOWUB1

Share you code on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, 2go and ….

How To get more free bonus on MTN

  • Get yourself a new registered MTN line it comes with (Start Pack)

The Start Pack comes with 500% recharge bonus for good 6months

  • You only use the Zoto referral-bonus credit in recharging the line and you get free unlimited data and Airtimes

Download Zoto App for Android here

Download Apple version here


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