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Tweak Imei to Get Upto 20GB Data on MTN Sim

Tweak Imei to Get Upto 20GB Data on MTN Sim. This the part of year again when you enjoy free megabyte through tweaking of imei.

No long-thing, I want to share to you a tested and trusted ways to get free gigabyte on your next subscription.

How to Tweak Imei to Get Upto 20GB Data on MTN

Mtn monthly data plans ranges from 1.5gb for #1000, 3.5gb for #2000 and #5000 for 10gb and the rest. Now you can subscribe and still get 100% value back with the following imei tweaking numbers.

356602075753098        356602075753080               356602075753072 
356602075753056        356602075753023                356602075753031

356602075753049        356602075753015                 356602075753114

356602075753106        356602075753155                 356602075753197 
356602075753189        356602075753171                  356602075753148

356602075753122        356602075753130                  356602075753163


Once you succeeded in tweaking, wait to receive a 100% bonus message for 6 months, just as it shown in the screenshot below;

Change the last 3 or 4 digits, if the imei listed above did not give you positive response.

After that, migrate to beta talk by dialing *123*2*6# or text BT to 131.
Now, subscribe to any MTN data of your choice with *131*1# and you will be giving double of the data you bought.
Use *559*2# or 2 to 131 to check your data balance.

With this, you should have double of your data purchase valid for 30days.
Note that the double data offer will be for duration of 6Months,
Kudos to my source shelaf.com

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