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New Legitimate Glo 6gb data for as low as #1000

Glo 6gb data for as low as #1000

Things are now surely getting good, with the introduction of this new avoidable Glo data plan. People can now download large files, watch movies, sport etc on any devices of their choice. Thanks to LEMMYMORGAN for giving Kinfovillage the permission to share this to my numerous reader

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The subscription is by transferring the data on to you mobile phone by network provider


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Glo 6gb data for as low as #1000

Glo 6gb data for as low as #1000

I believed you have access the above images to know about ”Gift” & ”Share” on Glo data plan

Glo 6gb data for as low as #1000

  • The exact price will be communicated to you by the seller when you contact lemmy morgan via email info@lemmymorgan.com
  • The minimum data volume you can buy is 6gigabyte and the maximum is 30 gigabyte.
  • The minimum amount to be paid is #1000 for 6gb (in case of bulk purchase) or an amount not more than #1,300 in case of unit purchase.
  • The minimum amount to be paid for 30gb is greater than #3,000 but lesser than or equals to #4,000
  •  It is the cheapest legitimate plan you can find in Nigeria it is also cheaper than any tweaked means of browsing in Nigeria.
  • It is 100% legitimate. I mean you use it with normal glo apn and you can cheek your balance.
  • It is very convenient as it has no speed limits and it is shareable via wifi hotspots it doesn’t work via proxy, it works direct.
  • You can also roll over unused data. Like for example, you buy that of 6gb and unfortunately, you cant use it up until your subscription is about to expire, just make sure you renew your subscription before the expiry date and whatever is left of your existing data will be carried over to the new validity date.
  • You can also top up your plan. I mean if you buy 6gb and you discovered that its not going to be enough for your need, you can top it up
  • You can also pre-share with your a friend, a  family member, colleague, or just anyone person. What it mean by pre-share is that, you must provide the two numbers that you one to divide a single subscription between. For example you buy 6gb, you must supply 2 glo lines and the data will be shared into two equal halves(3gb each) between both lines. You cannot share it on your own once you have received your portion.


Glo 6gb data for as low as #1000

  • 6 GB is #1,300 or lesser(contact me for full breakdown
  • 12 gb is #2000 or lesser
  • 24 gb(contact me highly negotiable)
  • 30 gb is less than or equals to #4,000
  1. Make sure you are not already having a mobile data bundle that you loaded via short code to “127” I mean endeavor to exhaust your existing data bundle.
  2. Make sure your sim card in not in your 3g modem until you receive and confirm your data.
  3. You need glo internet network in your location i mean if your network is weak please do not use use glo Nigeria for your internet needs
  4. Your phone or 3g modem must be one that is editable manually to use gloflat APN

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