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Mtn Xtravalue bundle Benefits and their codes

Mtn XtraValue bundle is plan allows you buy a bundle that gives you a combination of huge airtime for voice calls and unbelievable volume of Data to go with it.

  • XtraValue gives you much more value for both voice and data than other tariff plan, all in one package
  • The bundle airtime can be used for all calls including national and international calls as well as SMS
  • It gives you the convenience of one-time subscription for both voice calls and data

BENEFITS OF Mtn XtraValue bundle

  • The MTN XtraValue plan is broken into two: XtraTalk and XtraData.
  • XtraTalk gives you more talk time while XtraData gives you more data volume.
  • The offer is available to ALL Prepaid and E-Postpaid customers EXCEPT MTN BetaTalk Customers and Startpack Customers..
  • BetaTalk customers can migrate to other tariff plans to enjoy XtraValue Bundle.
  • Eligible Customers will be able to purchase any of the XtraValue Bundle plans by:
    • Dialing *300*1*2# and selecting the preferred bundle type
    • Sending applicable bundle purchase keyword to 131. (See table above)
  • Customers will be able to purchase multiple XtraValue Bundle BUT the bundle with the highest rate set validity.
  • Customers will be able to check their XtraValue Bundle balance by dialing *559*61#.

Mtn XtraValue bundle subscription codesMtn XtraValue bundle

Bundle CostN300N500N1000N2000N5000
Airtime Value for CallsN975N1,950N3,875N9,750N24,500
Data Value50MB100MB312.50MB625MB1,666.67MB
How to SubscribeText V300 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text V500 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text V1000 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text V2000 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text V5000 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
XtraDataAirtime Value for CallsN372.00N624.00N1,275N2,560N6,500
Data Value150MB300MB750MB2000MB5000MB
How to SubscribeText D300 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text D500 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text D1000 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text D2000 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text D5000 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Validity7 days7 days14 days30 days30 days
Selected International Destinations
  • USA, UK  Fixed, Italy, France, Hong kong, Singapore, India, Australia Fixed, Canada, China

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