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MTN Yafunyafun Cash Promo. #100Million+ for grab

Mtn YafunYafun cash promo is an SMS subscription based service that allows you to collect points towards prize draws simply by topping up your balance and playing a free trivia game. The more top-ups you have (in value and frequency) the more chances you have to win higher value prizes. At the same time you can also enjoy premium based trivia game where you can opt in for various higher value prizes, and another two content services offering dedicated prizes for promotional purposes for a specific period of time.

The Program involves the following:

MTN Yafunyafun Cash PromoMTN Yafunyafun Cash Promo

  • Top-up: opting in the program gives you  the chance to win prizes for free simply by performing top-ups, opting-in with the keyword and playing the free trivia game.
  • MT Premium Trivia Promotional Service: where you  can subscribe to stand the chance of winning high value prizes at a premium subscription cost.
  • Loop (Celebrity Content): dive into the world of local celebrity content which offers exclusive and curated content which focuses on Never-before-seen material & direct feed, from top celebrities. On launch, the content will be text based and on a later stage (phase two) an application will be added that will be available to smart phone users. To promote the service premium prizes will be used for a specific period of time (promotional period).
  • Fitness clues content service: interesting fitness information through SMS and through a mobi-site offering rich content. To promote the service, Premium prizes will be used for a specific period of time (promotional period)

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