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Manage Data with MTN Data Calculator as MTN gives 1GB for N550

Just like Globacom calculator, MTN Data Calculator is here for all their customers with the smarter and accurate measure of their customer data usage.

MTN Data Calculator

Everytime you surf the web, stream videos, download stuff, engage in social media activities and other internet activities, you consume data.

MTN Data Calculator

Here’s how MTN estimated your data usage:


Activity Data Size


   Surf the web


1-minute browsing online = 1 MB

   Use social media


1 minute of browsing and posting to social media = 4 MB

   Send & receive emails


1 email (with no attachments) = 20 KB

   Send & receive emails


1 email (with standard attachments) = 300 KB

   Game online


1 minute of playing online games = 3 MB

   Stream music


1 minute of streaming music = 2 MB

   Stream non-HD video


1 minute of streaming non-HD video content = 4 MB

   Stream HD video


1 minute of streaming HD video content = 15 MB

To check out your data usage through the MTN DATA CALCULATOR Click here

People have been complaining about the rate MTN charges them on MTN SME data and on all other bonuses they have, I believed with the introduction of Data calculator, the story should be closing to an end

Getting 2gb & 1gb Data For as low as #550 with 3 Months Validity period

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The advantage of this data plan over the conventional 1gb data for #1,000 on MTN

  • With #550 you get 1gb instead of spending #1000 for 1gb
  • With #1,100 you get 2gb instead of spending #1000 for 1gb
  • You can roll over the remain data (only if buy from the same seller)
  • You can add up to the unfinished data at any time (only if buy from the same seller)
  • Enjoy speedy browsing & Download
  • All have a validity period of 3 months

How To Buy The Data

  1. Firstly confirm your choice read more

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