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Good News, Glo Wi-fi to all travelers at Airports

Good News, Glo Wi-fi to all travelers

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Globacom has launched the country’s first ever comprehensive airport Wi-Fi facility in collaboration with the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).

With this development, passengers and other users of the airports will now be able to connect wirelessly to the internet through their smart phones, tablets, laptops and other smart devices.

Globacom’s Coordinator, Business Solutions, Mr. Ike Oraekwuotu, said Globacom was “delighted to bring Nigeria up to speed with one of the best trends in the aviation industry worldwide by introducing ultra high speed Wi-Fi data experience for travelers and other users of our airports, beginning with Nigeria’s flagship airport, the MMIA.”?

Good News, Glo Wi-fi to all travelers

According to Oraekwuotu, the facility, which will be available at both the domestic and the international wings of key airports across the country, has been made possible due to the great vision and passion demonstrated by the Ministry of Aviation and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) working diligently with Globacom.

In a presentation, Globacom’s Regional Chief Marketing Officer, Ashok Israni, said all passengers using the airport irrespective of the network they are on will be able to connect to the facility. They will subsequently be directed to a subscription page where they will be able to buy a Wi-Fi data plan through three options.

The options, according to him, include using an existing data plan the subscriber has with Globacom, or by recharging their line through a Glo recharge card available at the Glo kiosks at the airport, or by paying for the WIFI plan through a credit card.

“Whichever option a subscriber goes for, they are ushered into a world of reliable, ultra-fast internet so that they can keep in touch with their relatives, friends, colleagues and associates regardless of whether they are connected to a mobile network or not,” he said.
According to him, users can access the Internet at the speed of as much as 100 megabits per second anywhere around the MMIA, including the Departure, Arrival, and Executive Lounges, Ticketing and Waiting Areas as well as Passengers Welcoming lobby.

He said the service would be available in 22 airports nationwide soon.


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