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Latest Updates on The New Glo UC Free browsing

Latest Updates on The New Glo UC Free browsing, just yesterday I made post on the free Glo UC browser handler. The Handler gives you the opportunity to access unlimited download.

Whats is the Latest Updates on The New Glo UC Free browsing?

To use the UCBrowser handler for download, you need to first enter this url muchproxy.com in to the address bar on your browser, after loading the page muchproxy.com you can then enter your preferred website for the download.

screenshot-247Note:  It is worthy to take note of this, muchproxy.com will rename the file you are downloading to .php extension, but immediately the downloading option pops-up just rename the file by changing the .php extension to the format of the file you initially wanted to download. For example .mp4, .apk, .exe .pdf etc then continue with your download.

Download the Handler UC browser here

Configure the UC handler in the following way

  1. Select Android in the Custom UA
  2. On the second Custom UA, select Opera
  3. At the Custom Referral, choose Real Referral
  4. Handler Download Limit, Type in it 1000
  5. Check on Remove Port on Add port
  6. Choose Real Host at the Proxy Type
  7. At the proxy server, type in redirect.glo.com
  8. and select HTTP when you get to Real Proxy Server
  9. Real Proxy Port 80
  10. Press Ok button


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