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Glo Sharp Sharp E-Top Up. Get Extra 10% bonus

Glo Sharp Sharp E-Top Up is a service that enables direct top up of Glo lines with prepaid airtime of all values from N50 and above, including recharge of irregular amounts such as 51, 52, 53, 54, 34,126… etc that do not exist in recharge card denominations. With E-Top Up, recharge is done without the use of PINs obtained from physical recharge cards or E-PINs.


The benefits of Glo Sharp Sharp E-Top Up are:

· Convenience of recharge, no scratching of cards or input of long PINs.
· Airtime is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
· Flexibility of recharge value – all amounts from N50 and above can be recharged.
· Airtime can be sent to friends, family and associates from any location.

Glo Sharp Sharp E-Top Up

Glo customers can now enjoy ALL the recharge benefits for their profiles when they recharge via E-TopUp. You also get an instant 10% bonus on E-Top Up recharges of N300, N600 and N1,200 when you recharge your line electronically via the Glo E-Top Up service. This bonus can be used for Glo to Glo calls and SMS at any time.

For FAQs and how to top up Click here

Where is E-TopUp available?
E-TopUp can be purchased Online, at ATMs, on PoS, Gloworld outlets and Retail Partners nationwide.

How do we access it at the Gloworld or Retail Dealer?
Customers can recharge through E-Top Up by going through the following steps:
• Customer locates Dealer/Sub/Retailer and pays required amount
• Dealer/Sub/Retailer accesses DSTK menu and inputs required amount and customer’s MSISDN

• Customer is credited instantly and receives a text message as per new airtime balance
• Dealer/Sub/Retailer receives notification via SMS of successful recharge

What is the E-Top Up 10% promotion all about?
In addition to the top up amount being paid for by the customer, Glo is giving an additional instant 10% Bonus on E-Top Up recharges for N300, N600 and N1,200. Customers who recharge these amounts electronically are to receive 10% bonus which can be used at ANYTIME and is valid for 7 days.

What numbers can I call with the 10% bonus?
The bonus can be used to call any Glo number and send text to any Glo number.


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