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Glo NO Magomago Get free 3.75GB Data + #10,000

Glo NO Magomago, Straight to the point. The Glo Talk Special is a unique set of packs that give 6 times the value of subscription including free data for gifting to customers who purchase the packs through the USSD menu *303#.


What to know on Glo NO Magomago free 3.75GB Data plus #10,000


  • How do I opt for Glo Talk Special?
    Dial *303#.
  • Who can avail of the Glo Talk Special?
    All new and existing prepaid customers except customers on Bumpa, Generation G, Talk More (200% Bonus) and Talk Special
  • Am I charged for purchasing Glo Talk Special pack?
    You are charged the fee for the pack you purchase and you get free airtime and data worth 6 times the value of the pack purchased.
  • What are the benefits of Glo Talk Special
    The benefits are as displayed in the table below:


Glo NO Magomago


More probing Q&A on Glo NO Magomago


  • When will the pack benefits be credited into the customer’s account?
    Your Talk Special account is credited immediately after your pack fee is debited from your Main account. You can confirm your Talk Special balance by dialling *606# for Voice and data benefits.
  • How do I check my Talk Special bonus balance?
    By dialling *606#
  • Do I get notified when my Talk Special Bonus is exhausted?
    Yes, you will receive a notification via SMS
  • Can I transfer the Talk Special benefits to another customer?
    Only the Gift can be transferred to another customer on the Glo network


  • How do I register the 10 Family and Friends (FnF) numbers?
    Dial *606# to register FnF numbers
  • How do I transfer the Gift data?
    Dial *606# and follow the prompt to transfer data to any Glo customer
  • Can I share the free Data?
    You cannot share the free data
  • Can I gift the free Data?
    You cannot gift the free data but can gift out the Gift Data
  • What can I do with the All Net free airtime?
    The All net free airtime can be used to make calls to any local network or to call India, China, US, UK (Fixed) & Canada.
  • Can a postpaid customer purchase Talk Special pack?


  • What happens to my unused bonus after the expiration of the pack plan?
    The unused bonus balance will be forfeited   
  • Is Talk Special on automatic renewal?
    No. You’ll need to re-subscribe for the pack whenever it expires or it is exhausted?
  • Do I need to do anything extra before I can enjoy the discounted International calling rate to popular destinations?
    No. All your calls to the USA, UK landlines, Canada, China and India will be charged from the All Net bonus account if there is any credit therein. Once the account is exhausted or expires, the calls will be charged from your Main account.
  • Will new activations enjoy this tariff and benefits by default?
    No. New, as well as existing customers, will have to dial the USSD code *303# to enjoy Glo Talk Special benefits.
  • Can I enjoy Family and Friends benefits on Talk Special?
    Yes your account is credited with free airtime for FnF calls when you purchase Talk Special packs
  • Can I subscribe to other packs such as Jollof, Biggy or IDD packs while still being subscribed to Talk Special?


  • Will I get a notification when my Talk Special bonus account is credited?
  • Is Glo Talk Special a promotional offer?
  • When is the Glo Talk Special ending?
    The product will be run until it is withdrawn

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