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Glo free YouTube & IFlix Streaming Plus Glo Free browsing

Free YouTube browsing is now getting to a culture by the Nigeria Telecommunication industries. Just a few days ago Airtel Introduces free 10gb YouTube data while now Glo free YouTube & IFlix Streaming is also being uncovered.

Glo free YouTube

The Globacom has finally joined 9Mobile and Airtel in offering us free YouTube streaming. Just as other network did, the Glo Free Youtube Streaming can only be used at midnight. With Glo network, you can now stream YouTube Free of charge between 1 am – 5:30 am every day.

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Glo free YouTube

Youtube benefits can be received when you buy a data plan from N500 and above on #GloUnfairAdvantage. The Glo Youtube plan is capped at 2.5GB.

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Glo Free Streaming With iFlix

Free Streaming is a part of the #GloUnfairAdvantage offer. iFlix is just like Netflix, it allows you to stream different movie channels at a pocket-friendly price. Glo exclusively partnered with iFlix and you won’t be charged any dime for your data if you are streaming Netflix on the Glo network for 12 hours.

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How to subscribe

In an SMS send Buzz to 105 to download GloCafe.

You also enjoy free browsing from 1 am – 5:30 am every day.


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