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New Glo Free Browsing code Plus VPN settings

Hi, I will be sharing a Glo Free Browsing code tonight, though the cheat has been on for some time now. The free browsing is surely back.

The good news about this Free Browsing code is that it works with 0.00kb

Though Glo blocked this cheat some months ago, now a new version of stark VPN reactivates the cheat which was previously blocked by the network. With the latest Stark VPN, you can enjoy unlimited free browsing on your Glo line 24/7.

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To Fixed Glo Data Not Coming Up
Use the APN settings:

  • Name > Anything
  • APN: gloflat or glosecure
  • Proxy and Port > leave them blank
  • Username and password > leave them blank
  • Scroll down to Authentication Type and tick PAP
  • Then save this APN. Your data network should come up.

Once browsing signal (H+) is available on your Glo SIM, you are a step closer to free browsing. Follow the below procedures set your Stark VPN;

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First of all, download or update your Stark VPN by click here

Launch The Stark VPN.

  • Tap Tweaks and select “Glo”.
    Free Browsing code
  • Then, hit the RED Button to connect.

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Just wait for few seconds for the VPN to connect. As soon as the connection is established, you will see a Key appeared in your notification bar.
Fir up any of your browser, application or social media apps and start flexing with Glo 0.0kb free browsing!

Enjoy while it last.


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